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“I had the NLP/Hypnotherapy to help me overcome my anxiety in a crowded shop, (Asda), I was terrified to even go into the shop with it being really busy. I felt very anxious, had palpitations, sweaty palms and really couldn’t cope with a simple task of shopping for my family.

Since the one NLP/Hypnotherapy session with Bob Nelson, I have overcome the anxiety and I don’t have that problem now. I can go into Asda and other shops with no issues.

I would highly recommend this service as it does change your life very quickly 🙂

JM Northumberland
November 21

“I have been working with Bob on an eating disorder called ‘Bulimia’ that I have had for 25 years.

We used the NLP/Hypnotherapy techniques to help my mind to change my old coping strategies [purging recently eaten food] and come up with a solution that has a more positive outcome than the Bulimia.

The results have honestly been amazing in a very short timeframe. Bob regularly kept in touch to ask how things were going. I honestly was shocked to find that I haven’t used the old coping strategy and I haven’t even thought of it since I had gone through the NLP/Hypnotherapy with Bob. I honestly can’t believe how my mind has now accepted being reprogrammed in a healthier way.

Would I recommend this………..?

The answer is a big yes.

I would like to thank Bob for supporting me to become a mentally healthier person in the short time I have spent working with him. I am still getting used to this new more relaxed, and calmer me.”

November 21

I have been receiving therapy for several weeks now as I have many complex issues in my life.

NHS Mental Health referrals did not work and left me very raw, especially after my 12th and last therapy session. I was a mess living with insomnia, anxiety and feeling at the lowest point in my life. Luckily for me I got in touch with Bob and he has sat down with me [on line] and worked his magic dealing with each issue one by one. Insomnia first and have gone from 20mins a night to 7-8 hours in a very short time.

My anxieties caused by a multiple of events in my life were dealt with individually by Bob using his NLP/Hypnotherapy methods. I had many emotional issues and luckily Bob was willing to take me on, I now feel like a real person with value, I didn’t realise who I was, but definitely do now.

I feel as if I have my life back and to me that is ‘priceless’. I am exercising now, my outlook on life is far more positive with a ‘can do’ attitude.
Bob has helped me out of some very dark places in my mind, so if you need support, I would not hesitate to recommend his NLP/Hypnotherapy service and know you won’t regret it.

November 21


I have been stressed out both at home and at work and all it took was one session with Bob, my new go to Therapist!

 Bob, thank you for sorting out my OCD’s on Sunday. I know I have been a terrible sceptic but to say you healed me in 10mins + has blown my mind. I have spent years of stressing to the point of it stealing my happiness and now I am just chilled about everything. Thank you so much and the next session I want to sort out my drinking and overeating. I can’t wait to have my health back, you are the best for sure and I am so grateful for your help.

HH March 2022

Following two miscarriages my mind was doing overtime creating anger at the site of media posts of pregnancy announcements and births. Now it has all been sorted with the help of Bob

I would definitely recommend Bob to anyone who needs help with triggers or traumas in all aspects of life. I was recommended to Bob from a friend and he has been nothing but lovely from the start. I was a bit nervous to start with as I didn’t know what to expect at all and if it would actually help me. I am so pleased to say he has helped me a lot. I have gone through two miscarriages and was angry at the world and found seeing pregnant women/pregnancy announcements on social media really really hard where all these feelings would bubble up and I wouldn’t know what to do. Now, after just one session, I am less angry and instead of feeling like a boiling pot of water, I simple hide the posts and don’t feel so angry and can concentrate on me now. I have also used his techniques for my anxiety when I feel it is out of control and its helped massively. Thank you Bob!

EMG March 2022

I had issues with anxiety which created IBS symptoms meaning I was afraid to go out or embarrass myself in front of others. This really limited my lifestyle until I met Bob.

I have seen Bob on line for issues with anxiety – which also affected by gut and meant that I was even more anxious in certain situations.  Bob talked me through several situations where I had had those feelings and helped to “turn down” the anxiety attached to it.  Bob is very easy to talk to – we had only two online session and that worked perfectly well.  I would encourage anyone who is struggling to book in – it is incredible the power of your own mind.  You just need a bit of guidance on how to use it to your advantage.

 MJ [Wales] July 2022

I lived with anxiety causing my to feel restricted in shopping, affected by noise from neighbours and unable to sleep until it is all sorted now.

I approached Bob because I was struggling to relax in the evenings and my mind was constantly spinning. It was affecting my life as I was always on the go and struggled to sleep at night. Bob worked his magic on me in just two sessions, and since then I have been able to relax a lot easier in the evenings and my sleep has been far better. I cannot thank Bob enough for his help and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any internal issues you may have.

MV July 2022





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